Plastic concrete formwork sheet

Size: 2500/1250/18 mm – 3.125m2

Material: plastic
Grey color

  • Hard
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Long lasting
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Plastic formwork sheets

Size: 2500/1250/18 mm – 3.125m2

Material: plastic
Grey color

This type of formwork sheets meets the fast pace of construction.
They have a high quality of smoothness and low prices of formwork elements.
Enriched with nano-technological raw materials and nano-polymer additives with a high molecular value.
The sheet has a high degree of strength and flexibility and has a very low level of deformation limited to 2 mm. compared to traditional plastic templates. The polymer formwork is recommended for floors with static material with a concrete thickness of up to 25 cm, at intervals of 25-30 cm.
It is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, with low depreciation costs and numerous advantages in use.

– Hard
– Durable
– High quality
– Long lasting

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the impact resistance?
– Impact resistance is of the highest level, Does not break even when dropped from a height.

Is it affected by weather?
– Can be applied in any environment, not affected by severe adverse conditions (water, moisture, insects, etc.)

Does it stick?
– It does not stick, as there is no attachment of the polymer board to the cement, it is easy to demould and a smooth surface is obtained.

Can it be cut?
– The plane can be cut and hammered, it is unbreakable and unscratchable.

Can it be recycled?
– Yes it can, since its recycling is based on weight, not even the smallest part is wasted.

Is it long lasting?
– Yes, even in the heaviest construction sites, the minimum period of use is significantly longer than that of similar products.

In construction In the production of formwork, scaffolding, forming internal partitions, roofing works, flooring and the parquet industry.

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