Elements for facade frame scaffolding (22)

Facade frame scaffolding (1)

Mobile scaffold tower with working platform (1)

Elements for Mobile scaffold tower with working platform (16)

Tubular facade scaffolding (10)

Aluminium scaffolding (3)

Support tower (1)

Hramar offers a wide range of scaffolding systems and elements for them. Thanks to our highly qualified consultants, you can easily choose the most suitable scaffolds for your project according to the specifics of the construction and installation and / or repair work. In its range, Hramar has the types of scaffolds often used in construction: universal tubular, facade frame, light mobile and others. If the customer needs, each scaffolding can be galvanized. The company offers both new equipment and second-hand. Hramar also offers rental option. If you need scaffolding even in a short time, at a good price and with guaranteed quality, Hramar will take care of it. To receive a detailed offer, including product features and prices, contact us now.