Mobile scaffold tower packages

Quick installation without tools
Maximum load capacity 200kg / m2


Mobile scaffold tower

It is built on a modular principle, which achieves the desired working height. The small weight and the fixed dimensions of the individual modules allow easy and convenient movement from one workstation to another. The frame on which the individual sections are mounted is on four 200 mm swivel castors with a brake ensuring accurate orientation and moving the scaffold on flat ground. Equipped with four stabilizers to ensure safe operation. At a higher height – over 4 meters, it is necessary to knit or anchor to the building. It is used for installation of suspended ceilings, electrical installation, construction, painting, restoration, heat insulation and others. works. The specified height is working!

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1200/2630 MM, 900/2000 ММ


4м, 6м, 8м, 10м, 12м, 14м