Design and manufacture of scaffolding and formwork ―  since 1994 г.  ―

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Hramar Ltd


Since its inception in 1994, we have been helping the construction business with unique design, technical solutions and consulting services by offering the best quality at the best price in the shortest possible time. The main goal we have set is to make high quality a constant feature of our products. To achieve this goal, we have a competent team of highly qualified specialists - engineers, sales representatives and administration.

Hramar Ltd. owns its own production facility in Krichim. The head office of the company is located in Sofia. Also, Hramar has оfficial representative for the city of Varna and the region.

The honesty and responsibility that we are dealing with earns a tremendous amount of loyal customers and long-term partners!

Trust us! We work for your success!


Guaranteed quality

The production of the company is duly tested and certified by NISI. Scaffolding, formwork systems and telescopic props manufactured by Hramar EOOD comply with all standards. A system of continuous quality control, developed professionally by regular and thorough testing of manufactured elements and constructions, has been developed.